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 A lot lizard is a truck stop Whore
A female who sales her body by going from truck to truck at Truck Stops usually selling sex or blowjobs for what ever the truck driver can afford.

 (refer to my schedule). 

Lot Lizard: n. (lott-liz-zurd): trashy, street-level, female prostitutes who frequent some truck-stop parking lots and rest areas at night. Most lot lizards openly "advertise" using CB radios; others boldly walk from truck to truck randomly knocking on doors. Same as: commercial company; lizard; pavement princess; sleeper leaper; mattress maiden;

Truck-stop managers revealed that although they were concerned about increased costs for more fences, razor-wire and additional security personnel, most felt that increased lot lizard concentrations would result in much higher sales of items like bug spray, pepper spray and air fresheners, which might offset some of the cost.

What's  New

  • This Site is not a place to meet one.
  • This Site is not a place to find one.

Key Milestones

  • June 1 - Have prototype sketched out
  • June 7 - I'm Going somewhere with this site, Im just not saying at this point, what or where.
  • more ...

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